New Premiere Elements 15 package offers a range of user-friendly editing solutions

For those taking their very first steps into video editing Adobe has announced the launch of its Premiere Elements 15 package that incorporates a number of new features such as a ‘Haze Removal’ control, first seen in the Photoshop CC stills editing package, for added clarity to the background of outdoor scenes. The Haze Removal control can be done automatically or you can use a slider to control the amount of haze you want to remove or use a sensitivity slider to tell Premiere Elements 15 what is haze and what isn’t.

Guided Edits
Premiere Elements 15 software also includes what’s known as ‘Guided Edits’, which allow you to change elements such as ‘popping out’ individual colours in a black and white scene, or slow motion and fast motion options which can change the speed of any clips via a Time Remapping tool that has a number of variable speeds. The ‘Guided Edits’ also include an Adjustment Layer option that lets you add a specific ‘look and feel’ to a variety of different clips that you might want to combine in the edit.

The other new video editing features in the app include an auto ‘Remix’ audio feature that will automatically match music to the length of your video clips, provided the clip exceeds one minute in length. In addition to this there is a Face Detection facility that automatically detects faces in movies and works with auto trimming (a kind of suggested ‘best edit’ based on faces within the clip), Favourite Moments and Pan and Zoom features.

Shake Reduction
Other features of the package are ‘Shake Reduction’ feature that lets you apply a ‘Shake Stabilizer’ to footage, especially that which might have been shot on using an action cam. As well as this there is ‘Video Collage’ option that lets you mix up to seven stills photos and videos, though is mainly aimed at use for sharing via social media.

Premiere Elements 15 works alongside Adobe’s free Organizer companion app that assembles all of your videos, and photos, in one interface and lets you search via combinations of places, events, favourites and more. Organizer is also ‘Touch Enabled’ so that finding, sorting and quick enhancements of video clips can be done rapidly via touchscreen laptops and desktop computers.

Find out more…
To find out more about the features of Adobe Premiere Elements 15 just click here. Whilst Premiere Elements 15 is clearly aimed at beginners you can find out more about the most useful ‘hot keys’ in the more advanced Premiere Pro software, or indeed any editing software, to help your workflow run more smoothly – to find out more just click here.