The laptop and PC maker announces its debut in the emerging 360-degree video market with the Holo360

Acer has just announced it’s foray into the video camera segment with the Holo360 – a smartphone resembling camera that can shoot 360-degree footage.

The camera footage will be compatible with virtual reality filmmaking, allowing you to create 360-degree footage with just one camera rather than linking multiple models together.

Virtual filmmaking is a growing segment in the industry, with the Venice Film Festival screening a competition dedicated to the art this year, so getting the perfect camera could help you branch into the sector.

The Acer claims that the Holo360 shoots 4K video, which is in line with other video cameras in the market such as the Insta360, but instead of operating as an add-on to your smartphone, it is designed to work alone.

Marketed as a tool to shoot alongside edit and share, the camera runs on Android 7.1 so you don’t have to connect to a smartphone or PC to share your content. This feature could be useful when shooting on the go but might not suit every filmmakers’ needs.

Credit: Acer  |   The model will also be available in black

The video camera also has some useful features, including self-stitching capabilities, which should allow you to create your desired final product easily and efficiently.

Acer announced another camera alongside the Holo360 but marketed for a very niche purpose. The Vision360 is designed to be a 360-degree dash camera to capture footage in case of an accident. However, this probably won’t be much use to amateur filmmakers unless you’re looking for a creative way to film a car chase.

The Holo360 marks a new venture for the company in an emerging market that could do well thanks to its unique design and useful features. However, only time will tell how successful the company known for laptops and PCs will be in the crowded video camera segment.

The Holo360 is set to go on sale towards the end of the year with prices starting at 349 euros (approximately £320) in Europe. You can read more on their website.