Watch a $70,000 camera, probably a ARRI Alexa XT, get smashed during a gear demo in a moment that will haunt this guy for years to come...

We’ve all had nightmares about gear breakage and droppage, but here it’s happened at the worst possible time.

At a demo at Cine Gear Expo, an unfortunate exhibitor showing off a stabilising rig met with disaster when a loss of control sent a $70,000 ARRI broadcast camera crashing to the ground.

It’s not one hundred per cent clear from the footage, but it looks as though the camera might have been an ARRI Alexa XT.

While the unlucky demonstrator is showing off how steady his stabilising rig can keep this sizeable camera, a moment of ill-balanced weight distribution send the whole combination plummeting towards both the ground and a hefty repair bill.

Here’s the video – watch below, if you can bear it:

That shout from the demonstrator as the rig goes over is something to behold. Here’s hoping he still managed to flog a few stabilising rigs to offset the cost.

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