It’s the way of the future, guys, and you’re going to want to get on board. Here are the seven reasons we think you should all be taking to the skies ASAP


Once the preserve of videographers with big production budgets, drones have now dropped in price by up to 30%, and not a day go by without a new drone being announced. Just recently DJI announced the latest addition to its Phantom range, the DJI Phantom 4. So 4K video shooting and high definition aerial photography can now be all yours for around £500. So here’s a look at just what you can do with a drone… not all of them are entirely serious.

  1. You can give your videography/photography business an edge

The trouble with starting out on your own as a freelance photographer or videographer is that you’re entering an incredibly crowded market. There are a lot of good people out there, using a lot of good kit, and it’s tough to stand out.

Take wedding videography, for instance. A lucrative gig if you get it right, but also a crowded one. Aerial wedding videography, however, is a lot less common, and if it’s something you can offer it’s an excellent way to get noticed.


  1. Also playing is fun

At the same time though, what’s life for if you can’t have a little fun? Many of us aren’t pros or even aspiring pros, just people with a hobby we enjoy. And being able to take that hobby into the air takes us right back to being a kid again, and is a truly joyous way to do something different.

The main impression from our first drone flight? Aside from anything else, it was a whole lot of damn fun. That’s tough to argue with.



  1. Step up your Instagram game

You tell everyone it doesn’t matter, but secretly you do wish you had a few more followers than your 71 loyalists on Instagram (or Twitter, or Vine, or YouTube, or wherever you may rest your head). Solution? Take to the skies. Get some fresh perspective. Take awesome shots like these:

You know you want to.




  1. Yours might get body-checked by an eagle, and that would make for an excellent anecdote

Now they’re only considering it at this stage, and we don’t know whether they’re going to go through with it, but Scotland Yard has definitely tabled the notion of using eagles to tackle errant drones. Quite literally.

Now, obviously you don’t want to fly your drone somewhere you shouldn’t and get it tackled by an eagle. Nobody wants that. But, it would at the very least make for a great story to tell at parties. So, swings and roundabouts.


  1. See and shoot nature from a new perspective

It’s a beautiful world out there, and the sky is one of the most pleasant places to view it from. Nature and wildlife photographers are doing some amazing things with drones, and given the increase in restrictions in flying them over populated areas, this is the best way to get your aerial fix. Get a load of nature, from the top down.


  1. They’re getting into sports

One of the coolest things about drones at the moment is the ways in which people are innovating with them. They offer so much potential for creativity, and that’s shone through in the ways people are using. Drone racing has quickly become a popular sport/hobby [delete as you see fit], with drone pilots meeting up and using virtually reality headsets to race around abandoned building and outdoor racetracks, like some sort of real life computer game. Also There’s dronebording, awhere you can use a powerful drone to propel you along on a snowboard, and long distance flying, as seen with the custom unit that made it across the English Channel.


  1. It’s the future

We said it once, we’ll say it again. Drones are dropping in price, becoming more accessible to the average consumer. They’re becoming easier to operate and control. Big names such as GoPro are getting in on them, with the GoPro Karma due for release this year. Professional filmmakers are taking notice, and drones are infiltrating our favourite TV shows. The future is both bright and drone-shaped, and there’s never been a better time to get on board.