The best camera is the one you have on you as five filmmakers prove as they shoot five different European cities with the help of some 4K Sony Xperia Z5 smartphones

Titled “Fleeting Moments from Sony”, the short films show off the cities of Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona and London, with all footage shot using the 4K capabilities of the Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone.

They’re beautifully shot, with the individual styles of the five filmmakers really shining through, and are well worth checking out.

For this film, director Eric Beaupre tried to focus on less-known areas of the city, finding the neighbourhoods of “real” Parisians and exploring the city’s great cultural diversity.

Director Lee Cheney said for his take on London, he wanted to take note of the things that most of us pass by every day. In particular he wanted to capture the people and culture that make London what it is, as well as the striking visuals and architecture.

For Lucas Jatoba, Barcelona is all about energy, and you can certainly see that in his fast-paced film. The camera never sits still for a moment.

Giacomo Arrigoni wanted to tell a story of romance in Milan, and did so through the eyes of a young couple exploring its most famous landmarks.

Oliver Valtene’s film exploring Berlin shows off the things that make the city unique, playing on a phrase that’s common to the city: “that’s so Berlin.” Presenting both the city’s cultural daytime and its fun-loving nights, he weaves an impressively nuanced picture in the short running time.

Sony is touting its Xperia Z5 as “the smartphones with the best camera”. It certainly has an impressive spec, with fast autofocus, a shutter speed of just 0.03 seconds and a 5 x digital zoom referred to as “Clear Image Zoom”.
Sony has been racking up the smartphone stunts in recent weeks – earlier in January we shared the world’s first 48K 360-degree video shot with 12 Xperia Z5 Compact smartphones, which the firm travelled to the top of the Alps to shoot.