The solar eclipse in the USA produced some spectacular imagery and this latest video is testament to that


The solar eclipse across the US on August 21 prompted many filmmakers to undertake the difficult task of trying to capture the unique event.

Filmmaker and photographer Stephen Wilkes found a solution to the problem with the use of 4K 360° video to capture the moon’s shadow cover Teton Valley in Idaho.

360° videos are usually filmed using multi-camera systems before the shots are then stitched together like the Freedom360 mount.

However, Mr Wilkes told Time magazine that he used a compact self-stitching camera to capture the footage where every direction is recorded at the same time.

He said: “It gives the viewer an experience of an event that you can’t replicate.

“As wonderful as still photographs are of the moon crossing the sun, when you see it in 360° video you actually get to experience the event of totality as if you are standing there.”

Watch the video to see the final result.