Professional photographer John Wright made the jump to becoming a videographer and has never looked back - see what advice he has to share for those wanting to do the same


Photographer and videographer John Wright shares his best video shooting video tips for photographers making the switch to shooting video.

For many this can be quite daunting as there is a whole new world to learn, and whilst many of the basic ideas are the same, getting to the end result is a very different process.

‘It is a learning curve, but it is a massively rewarding one’

– John Wright

A few years ago, John made that step, and he hasn’t looked back. He now creates a variety of imagery, from stills to video, and for all sorts of different uses.

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No longer is it just a case of presenting clients with a selection of photographs, they now want videos for YouTube, 30 secs clips for pre-roll advertising, or Instagram, animated gifs for Twitter, and as a result John has changed how he works.

Shooting video tips: Just press the red button

He said: “Don’t look at what at first glance appears to be a mountain of software and accessories and rigging and kit.

“I’ve got very successful editorial/commercial films that were shot handheld with a DSLR just by pressing the button.”


Shooting video tips: Respond to feedback

John also added: “Start shooting things and start playing. And the feedback is instantaneous, you know when something is wrong very very quickly.

“It is a learning curve, but it is a massively rewarding one.”

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Watch the full video above to see what advice John has to give to those wanting to press the video mode button on their camera.

You can find out more about John and his work over at his website:

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