Three years ago, professional photographer John Wright made the jump to becoming a videographer and has never looked back. Listen to his advice to those wanting to do the same.


For a lot of photographers switching to shooting video can be a bit daunting. There is a whole new world to learn, and whilst many of the basic ideas are the same, getting to the end result is a very different process.

A few years ago photographer John Wright made that step, and he hasn’t looked back. John now creates a variety of imagery, from stills to video, and for all sorts of different uses. No longer is it just a case of presenting clients with a selection of photographs, they now want videos for YouTube, 30 secs clips for pre-roll advertising, or Instagram, animated gifs for Twitter, and as a result John has changed how he works.

In this short video, John gives his advice to wanting to press the video mode button on their camera.

‘It is a learning curve, but it is a massively rewarding one’

John Wright

John has previously spoken to us about his work, in a very insightful video that you can watch below.

You can find out more about John and his work over at his website: If you’re feeling inspired to get filmmaking, remember that you’ve still got time to enter our Amateur Filmmaker of the Year competition. Details here.