We caught up with Canon’s Dave Parry at The Photography Show to find out more about the thinking behind the firm’s new professional flagship DSLR

The Canon EOS 1D X Mark II is of course not the first DSLR to come out packing the capacity to shoot 4K video. This addition is an interesting decision however, given the fact that this camera’s predecessor is mostly found in the hands of stills professionals. Sports shooters, photojournalists – not necessarily people who have a whole lot of use for video.

This begs the question then: why bother? Why go to the trouble of adding 4K video to the EOS 1DX at all?

We were curious, so at this year’s Photography Show we caught up with Canon’s Dave Parry to quiz him a little on what the EOS 1D X Mark II has to offer. You can also watch our video 9 Things you need to know about the Canon EOS 1D X Mk II.

You can watch our video interview with Dave above, in which he elucidates a little of the thinking behind the EOS 1D X and what it has to offer both photographers and videographers

The EOS 1D X Mark II shoots high-resolution 4K to DCI standard, and also does so at 60fps. It allows for 8.8MP stills to be extracted from its 4K footage, which greatly expands the options of sports photographers who can’t afford to miss the crucial frame.

It’s also got many of the little extra details that videographers appreciate, such as mic input and headphone output for accurate sound monitoring.

As Dave puts it, this “makes the 1DX a very powerful tool, not just for the stills photographer, but the videographer as well.”

Click above to watch the video and hear Dave talk a little more about the EOS 1D X Mark II.
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