A larger screen can be a huge advantage for shooting video. In this video guide we show you how to use an Android device to view and control footage shot with a Canon DSLR camera.

Although the screens on DSLR cameras have got larger in recent years, most are still only around 3 inches big. When shooting video this isn’t exactly ideal, especially if you plan to do complex focus pulls where you need to see the point of focus very precisely.

Thankfully for videographers there is a huge range of external screens available. These screens can plug directly in to the camera to enable the live video feed from the camera to be shown on a lot larger scale. However, when you are just starting out an external monitor can be a big additional expense. There is another option, and that is to use a wifi connection to connect the DSLR to a tablet or smartphone. However, even this has its problems, with the resulting image being a low resolution, and it can often be very laggy and unresponsive.

A far better option is to use an app such as DSLR Controller, which via an OTG (On The Go) USB lead can connect a Canon DSLR to an Android tablet. With the tablet connected you have a lot more on-screen real estate to view your footage, and you even have almost full control over the exposure, metering and focusing of the camera and lens. So not only do you get the advantage of a larger display, but also control of the camera, which can be useful when shooting footage at odd angles.

The app also adds a whole host of extra functions, such as a variety of different overlays, the option to view a live histogram of the scene and even use finger gestures to zoom in to parts of the image to check focus.

The DSLR controller app costs £5.49 and you can find out more about DSLR Controller App here or you can purchase and download it from the Google Play store.

Watch our video to see just how it is done.