Panasonic's flagship mirrorless 4K camera has had two surprise upgrades today, in the form of a new advanced version and a comprehensive software update


Panasonic says that the new DMC-GH4R has been produced in response to ‘growing demand’ from the film production industry.

Its flagship feature is that it now boasts unlimited 4K video recording. Whereas the GH4 would capture 4K clips for a maximum of thirty minutes, users who pick up the GH4R will be able to shoot at this highest resolution for as long as batteries and cards allow.

Also available on the new camera is V-Log L video capability, which increases dynamic range to improve colour grading potential in post-processing.

According to Panasonic, ‘V-Log L boasts log characteristics with 12 stops, allowing videographers to capture the darkest scenes and avoid ‘bleaching out’ details in very bright environments.’


The original Panasonic GH4

Existing GH4 owners haven’t been forgotten though – in a pleasing move, Panasonic has also announced a firmware update that will see V-Log L also added to the original GH4. If you’re a GH4 owner and want to get it for yourself, you simply follow these steps:

  1. Purchase Upgrade Software key DMW-SFU1.
  2. Update the GH4 firmware to Ver.2.3
  3. Export the serial number of GH4 to the SD Memory Card as “SERIAL.LST” file.
  4. Upload the “SERIAL.LST” file together with the purchased Upgrade Software Key to the designated URL to get an activation code as “ACTIVE.LST” file.
  5. Write the “ACTIVE.LST” on the SD Memory Card to import it to GH4.
  6. Confirm that V-Log L is available in Photo Style on GH4.

Be aware that the update isn’t free – GH4 owners will have to shell out £79 for the privilege.

The GH4R is based on the same spec as the original GH4. It’s due out on September 7, priced £1,199.