The Nest Vantage M10 Pro Video Tripod is looks like a great affordable tripod for those starting out. Philip Kelly gives us his verdict

Some panning and tilting shots taken using the Vantage M10 Pro Video tripod

For those of you making the move into shooting video on your DSLR, a tripod with a fluid head for pans and tilts is going to be top of your kit list. If you’re still taking your first steps into the wonderful world of video you’ll naturally want to keep costs down which is why the Vantage M10 Pro Video Tripod at £150 is a very tempting purchase.

M10 tripod 1



Initially the M10 feels like a solid build, weighing in at 4.4kg. The tripod sits quite nicely at its minimum height of 720mm but upon pushing it to its max height (1.5m) the leg system gets more flimsy with every extension. At full height the tripod has to rely on three very small points of contact with the ground and while the spreader attached inside the legs does help combat wobble.


The fluid head is loose enough to allow you to achieve different speeds of pan and tilt however the friction is not adjustable. While you can work to the looseness of the fluid head, for most of my time out with the M10 I felt like I was fighting against it. I constantly had to tweak or adjust, as all locking mechanisms aren’t particularly strong. A bump or knock and suddenly your whole shot is out of whack.

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One particularly frustrating element of this tripod was the video head handle. As you start to experiment more with your camera moves you’ll find yourself adjusting the placement of the handle more and more. The M10 did not make this easy. The connection and adjustment knob for the handle are quite fiddly to adjust quickly.

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The M10 does collapse to a nice manageable size and a carry bag is included. There is an extendable cord that wraps around the collapsed tripod to keep everything snug but this is purely a nice little extra and nothing that’s going to improve your videos. There is a quick release plate, which makes moving from tripod to hand held easier but the release button is a little temperamental.

M10 tripod 3


For those new to video this tripod is available at a very affordable price, and it is far lighter than some of the more expensive models available. However, as you start to develop your pans and tilts you may start to find it a little frustrating. As an entry-level product it is a good starting point, however if you can afford it I would recommend making more significant investment. As your skills develop you may end up replacing the M10 before to long.

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