The 100-million-pixel medium format Hasselblad H6D-100C camera adds 4K raw video capture to its high end shooting features

If you think that shooting video with a shallow depth of field on a full frame DSLR looks cool, wait until you try shooting 4K footage on a camera with a medium format size sensor! The new Hasselblad H6D-100C can now shoot 4k video that is saved in Hasselblad’s own raw video format. This raw footage can then be converted to Apple ProRes format via Phocus 3.0 software, which comes included with the camera.

For those who don’t need 4K resolution standard Full HD footage can also be captured in H.264 format. With such a huge data rate required for the 4K raw footage, a CFast card is required for storage at this resolution, and USB-C is used to transfer conventional digital photographs. Video footage can be captured at frame rates of up to 30fps.

There is also a 50-million pixel H6D-50C, though this model is limited to shooting Full HD resolution.

UPDATE I: Hasselblad have told us that ‘When shooting video the image spans the full width of the sensor’

“The launch of the H6D range is the beginning of ayear of celebration for Hasselblad. It’s fitting that we have returned to our pinnacle medium format camera to showcase the innovation and passion that have been present in every one of our first 75 years. Our obsessive approach to optical quality and precision hand building in Sweden is at the heart of this camera.
We have retained the best and introduced the most relevant – delivering a medium format camera which we believe theHasselblad user will fall in love with all over again.”
Perry Oosting, Hasselblad CEO

The 100-million-pixel H6D-100C has a sensor that Hasselblad claim can record an incredible 15EV dynamic range, which should look fantastic with the raw footage, even once converted in to Apple’s ProRes codec for easier editing.

Hasselblad H6D: Inputs and Outputs

The camera also features Mini HDMI output, although there is no word yet as to whether it is possible to record externally via this port.

UPDATE II: Having spoken to Hasselblad we have been told that the HDMI port can output a clean feed for external recording.

UPDATE III: Only HD, not 4K footage, can be recorded over HDMI

The camera also features a microphone input and headphone output socket, so is fully equipped to deal with audio capture.

UPDATE IV – Output formats and colour depth

We requested information from Hasselblad on the colour depth of the video output and received the following. “For H.264 on the H6D-50c, the colour depth is 8 bit. RAW format on the 50C and 100C is in 12 bit. Phocus can transcode the RAW video format into Apple ProRes 4444 XQ.” So as expected there’s a considerable advantage to recording in raw, and combined with the sensor’s huge dynamic and Hasselblad’s excellent lenses it promises really high quality footage.

As a medium format camera, the Hasselblad H6D-100C certainly isn’t going to be for run and gun shooters, especially as with its standard lens and battery it weights 2.13KG. Chiropractors all over the world are rubbing their hands with glee!

Hasselblad H6D-50c_rear side shot_WH

The demand for the 4K raw shooting features obviously come from the fact that more and more photographers, particulalry in the fashion and lifestyle sector, are being asked to shoot both still and video images. Having the ability to do both, in one camera body and system is clearly advantageous, particularlly when the Hasselblad system represents a sizeable investment.

Listen to photographer John Wright speak about how stills and video are converging

The full Hasselblad H6D-100C specification and the spec of the H6D-50C can be found here in PDF format

There is currently now word on UK price or availablity but in Europe the Hasselblad H6D-50c is priced at EUR 22900 (ex VAT). The H6D-100c is priced at EUR 28900 (ex VAT)