As it smashes past its funding target in the first days of campaigning, we meet the all-in-one stabiliser for action cameras, compacts and smartphones


Starting a Kickstarter campaign is a nerve-racking experience, but Tim Kirchner has nothing to worry about. His campaign for the solidLUUV reached its €100,000 target within just over 24 hours, and shows no signs of slowing down.

So what’s got everyone so excited? Well, put simply the solidLUUV is a handheld all-in-one three-axis stabiliser for cameras that weigh up to 500 grams – a weight class that includes GoPro Hero cameras and lighter compacts, as well as of course smartphones.


Described as a ‘fully fledged steadycam’, the solidLUUV features a 3-axis gimbal and vertical grip, absorbing the body’s vibration and allowing for steady and clean footage to be captured no matter where the user takes it.

As well as the base solidLUUV, also available is the ultraLUUV, which pairs the original device with an electronic module to provide not only 3-axis mechanical stabilisation but also 3-axis electronic stabilisation.


How well does it work? We could describe it, but like so many things, it’s communicated a little more effectively with a visual demonstration. Fortunately, there’s one here:

Whenever the screen splits, the footage on the left is taken without ultraLUUV. The smoother footage on the right is of course taken with it.

Not convinced yet? Here’s another. The contrast between the mad dashing of the videographer and the smoothness of his footage really has to be seen to be believed.

We’ve recently spent some hands-on time with the product, and we’re already impressed. We’ll have a full review for you in the future, but for now we can say without reservation that it works well and that you’ll want to start thinking about getting your hands on one.


Our editor Richard SIbley holding onto the LUUV

The solidLUUV Kickstarter campaign still has a few weeks to go, meaning you’ve got time to pick one up. But act fast – those backer rewards are already disappearing!