The Video Mode takes GoPro's new multi-camera VR system for a spin to discover what it offers...

GoPro is well known for its action cameras and has recently expanded its shooting options with the GoPro Omni – a camera rig with a difference! The Omni holds six GoPro HD Hero 4 Black cameras, which can then be used to capture 360-degree footage for virtual reality (VR) purposes or on-screen playback.

Within the GoPro Omni unit is a motherboard that’s designed to ensure pixel-perfect synchronisation between the six cameras. This should help to eliminate the threat of any ghosting or poor stitching in the post-production process.

Trigger/master camera
One of the Hero 4 cameras acts as a trigger for the other five – much like some cameras can be used as the master to trigger a slave flash set-up – so only one needs to be triggered to start the recording process. The master camera checks the other five units to ensure they all have media cards and batteries and then syncs the settings across all six units. Green or red lights on each camera will help to identify if there is any issue present… so you can’t start shooting until all cameras are properly working in sync and the master camera is ‘happy’.

Maximum output
The Omni is able to capture a maximum output of 8K at 25fps or 30fps, 6K at 50fps or 60fps and there is also a near UHD 4K shooting option at 120fps. In other words you can shoot at up to 8K and the extract an HD deliverable from any perspective.

Once you’ve captured your footage what’s known as Omni Importer software is used for data management. As LVR files are captured alongside the main MP4 video files it’s possible to preview low-res files within a few seconds.

The Importer software allows you to do full stitching and also offers colour correction, digital stabilisation and quality render (2K, 4K or Cineform 8K) options. For fine-tuning of stitching you can use GoPro’s Kolor Autopano Video VR software while NLE plug-ins for live VR output in Premiere are also available.

Size and weight
The Go Pro Omni rig is a 120mmx120mmx120mm cube and weighs 1.05 kilos with all six Hero 4 cameras and their respective batteries in place. The kit comes with a larger battery charger, if you don’t want to run out of battery power, which can be a bit of effort to carry. Each Hero 4 camera requires its own battery but it is possible to recharge all six cameras simultaneously – via a single, central power source – when they are mounted within the Omni rig.

Rig and kit options
The GoPro Omni is available either as the rig only (without any cameras) or in a full kit. The full kit includes the rig and its carry bag, a waterproof flight case, six Hero 4 Black cameras (with batteries, cables and lens covers), six 32GB microSD cards, a Wi-Fi Smart remote control unit, a 7-port USB hub, a Swingtronix Hypercore-98S battery (with AC adapter) and a Swingtronix GP-S V-mount battery plate/clamp.

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