At Photokina 2016 Canon gave us a glimpse into the future with a display of 8K technologies

The Video Mode took the opportunity to catch up with Canon at Photokina 2016 to discover the story behind the 8K technologies that were on show on the Canon stand. Canon Europe’s Mark Fensome talked us through the set-up, which included a prototype 8K camera – a modified EOS C300 Mark II digital cinema camera with a new 8K sensor inside, as well as new electronics and outputs.

Mark Fensome explained: “This is all about an end-to-end, whole input to output 8K solution – from 8K lenses to a new 8K camera and even 8K displays.” The 8K (8192×4320) showcase also included a new Canon “box of tricks” that takes four 6G-SDI outputs, RAW outputs from the camera, into the box and then this can enable the signal to be converted to whatever signal output is required by the user.

Canon also showcased a 55-inch 8K display monitor which got its image via a clean fibre optic cable feed from the prototype 8K camera to a box, which then converted it to give the output for the 8K HDR reference monitor. Mark Fensome added: “From there you can look at the monitor and be able to see all of the skin tones and all of the colour is almost exactly represented on the screen itself, which is a very, very close reference [tool].”

When will 8K arrive?
As to when and where any of the Canon 8K technology will see the light of day Mark Fensome stated: “We just need everyone to shout loud enough and we’ll be quite happy to develop these further. Obviously we’re at quite an advanced stage here so we’re just waiting for the right time that the [broadcast and movie] industry needs these types of cameras. When broadcasters are able to distribute the [8K] signals and the public are able to receive the signals then they [broadcasters] will be more willing to use these cameras. This is all just prototypes but we have a working solution!”

To watch The Video Mode’s exclusive video interview about the latest Canon 8K technologies just click on the play button in the video window at the top of this page.