A useful tool for EOS videographers – meet Canon’s new Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1, the firm’s first mic for the EOS system

The new DM-E1 from Canon is a compact stereo directional microphone designed to offer high audio quality for EOS filmmakers.

It’s made with a classic shotgun design and features three directional sound pick-up modes, giving it a great deal of versatility for shooting on location.

These include a monaural shotgun mode for subjects directly in front of the camera, and 90 and 120 degree modes to provide stereo sound for situations in which the source occupies a larger or wider area – the example Canon gives is of an orchestra in a concert hall.

Canon says the DM-E1 is one of the smallest and lightest microphones in its class, weighing just 110g, making it ideal for videographers who like to travel with minimal kit. It uses a standard 35mm audio jack.

There’s also an in-built shock mount, which reduces the influx of noise from camera operations and lens zoom action, while a windshield is in place to reduce wind noise.

canon directional mic 2

The microphone has a 50Hz to 16kHz sound frequency range pick-up and 66dB S/N ratio and -42db sensitivity. It uses the CR2032 lithium cell battery and according to Canon is capable of approximately 100 hours continuous recording time.

Canon also announced the Speedlite 600EX II-RT for photographers, a flash unit that can fire up to 50 per cent more continuous flashes than its predecessor.

It sports a guide number of 60m at ISO 100 and features a wireless slave function for off-camera work. An included bounce adapter, the SBA-E3 expands photographers’ options for bouncing and softening the light produced by the unit.

The Canon DM-E1 directional microphone is available to order now, priced £274.