The XF400 and XF405 have just been announced by the camera company


Canon have announced the latest additions to their camcorder range with the XF400 and XF405. The mobile units bring 4K recording abilities at 50fps making them great for videographers or video journalists who want to add a smooth flow to their video or even a bit of slow-motion.

The cameras come with a 1” 1.0-type 13-2MP CMOS sensor paired with a Dual DIGIC DV6 image processor which effectively gives users the possibility to record 4K up to frame rates of 50p for European stock.

Supplied with a 15x optical zoom lens on both the X400 and X405, these cameras have a full-frame equivalent range of 25.5-382.5mm, making them quite handy for documentary style videos or video broadcasts.

However, the camera’s provide an adequate shallow depth of field and low-light capabilities with a maximum aperture of f/2.8, giving them a sense of versatility.

The pair also come equipped with the Dual Pixel Autofocus tool that has been seen across a variety of Canon cameras of late, adding to the XF400 and XF405 dynamic shooting capabilities. That coupled with the electronic and optical image stabilisation features make these camera’s a great choice for videographers who want to shoot fast and intensive videos.

Down to the memory slots. The two Canon cameras feature dual card slots allowing AVC-HD and MP4. Perfect if you need to film simultaneously or produce a relay recording – all in HD 10-bit YCC 4:2:0 35Mbps.

However, it must be noted that they drop down to 8 bit in 4K albeit at 150Mbps.

Accompanied with the capability of Full HD resolution up to 100fps, these will be able to record in XF-AVC codec after the firm provides an firmware update that is expected in the first half of 2018.

Externally, 4K remains 8 bit, but 4:2:2 colour sampling is possible if shooting up to 25p. Both the XF400 and XF405 offer an HDMI output, but only the XF405 offers SDI which, incidentally, is HD only.

Other notable features include two XLR inputs and a 3-stage ND filter. The camera’s also house a 58mm front filter thread for the new WA-U58 0.8x wide-angle converter and TL-U58 1.5x Teleconverter, maintaining the pair’s heightened sense of versatility.