Asian budget cine camera manufacturer Kinefinity has announced TERRA, its new 5K and 6K digital cinema camera


If you like the look of 6K cine cameras from manufacturers like Red, but are unable to remortgage your house, then you’re going to want to take a look at this.

Kinefinity has announced plans to bring 5K and 6K to the mass market with its new affordable TERRA cameras. It originally unveiled the two new TERRA cameras on a Chinese filmmaking forum.

Set to compete with relative budget models such as the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K, the TERRA cameras feature compact and modular designs that offer the capacity to add extension units.

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The presentation Kinefinity made to announce the cameras, and shows that the sensor sizes for both cameras appear to be Super 35 (the 6K definitely is), and both are able to record in 12bitKineRAW (compressed proprietary in .KRW files)and 10bit ProRes in all resolutions.

The mounts for both cameras are Canon EF and KineMOUNT, which allows them to take on adapters for PL, Nikon and more.

They’re also pretty light, weighing in at just 920 grams, which opens up intriguing possibilities for drone and handheld gimbal use.

The KineBACK module for both cameras offers two XLR inputs with 48V phantom power, V-lock plate with two D-tap outputs, dual 3G-SDI outputs, Genlock and 3D/VR sync, and DC power input. There’s also a full-size HDMI output.

In terms of dynamic range, the 6K model can offer a maximum of 16 stops when shooting in 3K Golden Res, while the 5K version can go up to 15 stops.

The TERRA 5K body version’s price works out to roughly £4,000, while the 6K version should cost around £4,500. The 6K is currently slated to appear in May, with the 5K version following in June.

You can find out more about Kinefinity at its English language website here

(Via 4K shooters